Benefits Of A Commercial Recycling Program:

Businesses and their communities benefit from commercial recycling programs. At Common Waste, we’re committed to improving the environment, and commercial recycling is a big part of the initiative. Since our members live and work in their local communities, we’re proud to offer sustainable commercial recycling services.
What Can I Recycle?


Common Waste offers a variety of services:

  • Plastic – beverage bottles, jugs, jars, and many types of food containers
  • Paper – newspaper, magazines, books, and office paper
  • Metal – aluminum and steel cans and bottles

Common Waste offers two types of commercial recycling: single-stream and cardboard-only.

Common Waste makes commercial recycling easy and convenient with single-stream recycling services. With single-stream recycling, there is no need for sorting your recycling. Put all your recyclables in the same container – saving you and your employees time!

Cardboard-only commercial waste recycling is for businesses with a lot of cardboard waste. It’s an excellent addition to regular commercial recycling for retail stores, restaurants, and shopping malls.